Asset Management

Independent personal
investment management

The independent investment advisor

You receive personal asset management. Together we form the investment strategy that matches your wishes for return, risk profile, and investment horizon.


Take responsibility of you investments with Independent.

What are your considerations when choosing an Asset Manager?

  • Do you emphasize decency and independence in wealth advice
  • Do you have an Asset Manager who does whats in your best interest
  • Which values are important to you – personally and investment-wise
  • Do you emphasize transparency in your wealth advice
  • Do you have an investment strategy that suits your finances

Solid investment base

Together we strive to form the backbone of your assets which develops a solid financial basis for you future.


You receive management of you savings as if they were our own with the goal of giving you personal financial freedom.

Strong and active Partnerships

Two personal advisors will be at your disposal, who track and adjust the investments. As a family business we depend on strong relationships. Relationships must be forged, consolidated and not least, developed.

  • Christian Tiedemann CEO and Portfolio Manager
  • Allan Slothuus Senior Asset Advisor, Jutland
  • Carsten Thomsen Senior Asset Advisor
  • Hans Jørn Mikkelsen Senior Asset Advisor, Jutland

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