Together we are

  • Ethics & Integrity

    Trust represents a value in all situations. When selecting companies, we pick out strong and profitable businesses globally which are considered to have a fair business basis. We don’t choose tobacco and weapons production and are not involved stock lending.

  • Security & Return

    We monitor the performance of each company ourselves and screen the markets for the most well-run listed companies – regardless of stock indexes. The companies must conduct their business in an orderly manner to the benefit of the investor and the community.

  • Financial Analysis

    We select solid and healthy companies globally out of more than 40,000 listed companies worldwide. Our process is simple and we base our investments on our own thorough and consistent financial analysis.

Our Vision is

  • Creating personal financial freedom.
  • Being the Backbone of Our Invstors’ Savings
  • Preserving the Real Value with Healthy Returns

Our Vision for Sustainability

Our vision is to use the UN’s 17 SDGs as guidelines in the light of a growing population and consumption of resources. In particular guidelines that provide: Better living conditions for people and change the world more sustainable. We have chosen the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for our policy on social responsibility because this is the leading standard in the future.


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I feel they are serious and decent people that I feel comfortable with

Thilde Brunsgaard

I never feel that the fund has invested in anything else other than to my benefit

Thomas Brandt

Right from the start, I thought the values on which Independent Invest based their investments was interesting

Lasse Vinderslev
CEO and owner of Plante kompagniet

An independent, serious and decent company that always acts in the best interests of the investor

Johnny Hauballe

For me, wealth management means three things: transparency, independence and returns. That’s what I get from Independent

Flemming Delfs

When I have to deal with investments and pensions, I lose my courage and this is where Independent creates a structure out of chaos and provides the peace of mind to deal with both what I know and what matters to me

Peter Schaumburg-Müller
Lawyer (H)

You may contact us in confidence

Founded 2003

Vimmelskaftet 48, Stroget
DK 1161 Copenhagen K
Entrence: Skoubogade 2

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