Independent Bond ESG

Interest Paying
Corporate Bonds

  • Time Frame

    The average expected maturity is 3 years and no security has an expected maturity of more than 6 years

  • Outlook

    Interest received is paid out regardless of price movements. For 2020 we expect dividend of 1.0-1.5%

  • Stability

    Limited maturity provides better price stability which ensures a reasonable dividend every year

  • Independent Bond ESG

    ISIN DK0060091908

    Emissionspris 35.658 kr.
    I dag -0,02 %
    I år 2,10 %
    Sidst opdateret: 26-05-2023
    Independent Bond ESG pays out dividends of 550 kr. March 30th 2021, which will be available on the investors account April 5th 2021. The price will decrease by the same amount, and you should be aware that online banks only show the return without taking dividends into account. Fact Sheet Independent Bond ESG

Best Fund Over 3 Years Lipper Award

Independent Bond was awarded Lipper Fund Award Best Bond Fund over 3 years in both 2018 and 2019



Your alternative for better return than cash placements

  • Net Asset Value Development

    Independent Bond ESG, DK0060091908

  • Annual Dividends

  • Annual Return Net of Expenses

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