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Value creation in
family business

  • Family Values

    Research shows that family values add value well into the long term

  • Sustainability

    Companies are selected based on the business, financials, sustainability, and UN’s 17 SDGs

  • Security

    Family business creates value and not the share price, and is reflected in share prices over time

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Independent Generations ESG

Based on our own thorough and consistent financial analysis we select solid and healthy companies from a niche of family lead companies.

The companies have generational owners, individuals, funds or families that influence long term value creation and development. Companies are selected from their business, financials, sustainability, and fulfillment of UN’s 17 SDGs.


A direct extension of our own DNA where respect for generations of care delivers value through long term business focus.

  • Net Asset Value Development

    Independent Generations ESG, DK0060782068

  • Annual Return Net of Expenses

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Family values deliver a better return


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