Why Independent

Family business
for two generations

Independent’s selection of companies

The strategy is to invest globally in well-managed and well-capitalized companies that show strength in solidity, earnings and growth based on good liquidity. Investments are made in selected companies where prices are reasonable compared to our own selected accounting and key figures. The time of purchase exerts a significant effect on future returns, so the spread of the purchase dates is of important..



Independent Funds

Companies selected that preserve
Real Value with healthy returns

We emphasize three factors when choosing companies.

First, high equity ratio and low debt ratio companies. These types of companies are independent of bank finance and manage to get better through economic challenging times better.

Second, high return on equity and a good liquidity. Lastly the stock price should be reasonable.


  • Solid Companies in Growth with a High Liquidity
  • Priced Reasonably
  • Successive Investment – Nobody Can Predict Short Term Price Movements
  • Partners Worldwide

The Value is in the Company
Not in the Stock Price

Value & Growth – Security & Return

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